The Edge (FBI Series)

The Edge - Catherine Coulter Ford "Mac" MacDougal is recovering at Bethesda Naval Hospital from injuries sustained following a car bombing when he is awakened from his realistic dream involving his sister. He calls her the next morning and finds she was involved in an car accident and is in a coma in Edgerton, Oregon. Two days later, Mac is on his way to see his sister and find out what happened. I had such high hopes for this story after The Maze and The Target but it was not to be. This story had a good, solid start with lots of interesting, quirky characters in a town that had lots of shadows and secrets. The paranormal possibilities were also there with Mac's odd connection with his sister, Jilly. Somewhere around halfway into the book, the story just lost itself. It was even more confusing to have two characters using first person narrative. It was often tough knowing who was delivering the dialogue, which was awkward at times. I got immersed in the extremely interesting events as they unfolded as we learned that something was amiss in the town and settled back to enjoy a compelling mystery. Instead of a build up to an exciting conclusion, the characters became mired in a puzzling abduction and the story culminates abruptly without a clear resolution. The epilogue seemed to be tacked on to attempt to wrap up some of the details but it was sorely lacking. I'm not sure I'd recommend this book because of the weak ending. On the bright side, I found Mac to be an interesting guy who I hope will appear again in this series, along with his love interest, who I won't name because that would be a spoiler. And, Lacy and Dillon Savitch are back, which is a good thing. I like this series and plan to continue. My hope is that the next book is back on track.