Hard Evidence (I-Team, Book 2)

Hard Evidence - Pamela Clare Tessa Novak is an I-Team reporter with Denver Independence covering the cop desk. On her way home from work, she stops at a convenience store and becomes a witness to a murder of a young girl, moments after she pleaded for help. Tessa is determined to use her position to help find and expose the girls killer, even if it runs afoul of police efforts. Julian Decarangelo is an undercover federal agent who has been working the territory that involved the murdered young girl. It doesn't take long for Tessa and Julian to cross paths and the attraction is mutual and electric. Of course they butt heads because of their respective work roles but their relationship heats up in spite of their differences. Tessa is gutsy and clever and Julian is hard-driven and gorgeous. They both are very attractive characters who have their share of personal baggage and it was interesting to follow the progression of their relationship. There's a lot of steam here and you're going to salivate over Julian. The case is one that is brutal and difficult to absorb. There are a lot of exciting moments that will accelerate your heart rate. There were times when Tessa's decisions were maddening and ill-advised but at least you could rationalize her behavior, though her behavior sometimes bordered on the "too stupid to live" edge. I was also able to figure out who one of the culprits was fairly early on but it didn't interfere with my enjoying the story. I'm really liking this series and planning to continue.