Ashes of Midnight (The Midnight Breed, Book 6)

Ashes of Midnight (The Midnight Breed, Book 6) - Lara Adrian While many are critical of the romance in this story, it's what actually worked for me. Andreas and Claire had a past where he left and she mated with Wilhelm Roth, now the object of his wrath and vengeance. It was troubling initially to have Claire, essentially a married woman under vampire law, take up with Andreas so it gave me pause. Eventually, as details about her relationship with Roth were revealed, it lessened as an issue. I liked their interplay and ultimately her trust and commitment to Andreas. What didn't work so well with me was the actual storyline around the business of the Warriors, which was fairly predictable. While it was distressing to watch Andreas implode, his behavior was in character based on what happened in the earlier book. The fire show was a bit over the top and I really missed the conflict of the Breeds and Dragos. I'm sure it's coming up but this one just has the prelude. Still an interesting story, just not on the same level as others in the series.