Captivated & Entranced: CaptivatedEntranced (The Donovan Legacy)

Captivated & Entranced (Donovan, #1 & 2) - Nora Roberts I loved this story! I sometimes forget just how great a writer Nora Roberts is and was caught off guard with this book. The prose is almost lyrical and the characters come to life off the pages. It is truly a magical experience.Morgana is indeed captivating. I admire her confidence and self-awareness where she knows who she is and is content with life. Her attraction to Nash unsettled her in a really good way and she had the same imprint on him. This story captured the best of both of them and the conflict rising from his insecurities seemed realistic. Her cousin Sebastian is oh so intriguing and I cannot wait for his story. This book was written some time ago but it does not have a dated feel in the least. It's a wonderful romance between two very attractive characters and is so well written. This book should be a part of your Nora Roberts collection.