Then Came You

Then Came You - Lisa Kleypas Lily Lawson is one the best heroines I’ve come across in a historical romance novel. She’s clever, interesting and fiercely independent. She was determined that her sister, Penny, wouldn’t be subjected to life in a loveless marriage, so much so that she risked her own neck for her happiness. Alex Raiford, Penny’s intended, starts off as a pretty miserable character but transforms once he encounters Lily. Derek Craven, Lily’s friend and owner of a gambling club, is equally enticing. Lily is unpredictable and you’ll delight in figuring out what her next moves are going to be.In addition to having delicious and meaty characters, this book has one of the most interesting storylines and plots. Lily is a daring heroine for her time and one you don’t want to miss. I cannot wait to read the next book in the series, especially since it’s about Derek.