The Witness

The Witness - Sandra Brown, Joyce Bean Kendall Deaton is a public defender in Prosper, South Carolina. She's on the run after witnessing something explosive. As if it wasn't enough to be on the lam from those in Prosper that want her dead, she's also trying to elude the Feds who want her as a material witness. Lastly, she's absconded with am amnesiac who she claims as her husband. To say more would spoil your reading experience. The use of flashbacks as a device made this an extremely interesting and compelling story. It took time to unravel and then to reassemble the facts, increasing the tension and suspense. I listened to this book versus reading and I must say I don't remember the miles I put behind me during the telling of the story. The romance developed nicely between two people you wanted to survive and triumph. There is an unexpected little twist at the end to make this experience complete. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a little romance and a lot of mystery and suspense.