Midnight Rising (The Midnight Breed, Book 4)

Midnight Rising - Lara Adrian Dylan Alexander stumbles upon a hidden cave in the hills of old Czechoslovakia with a little help from an apparition. She unknowingly finds Rio in the abandoned crypt of the Ancient. Rio is in bad shape but still has the presence of mind to know he's seriously screwed up by letting this reporter escape the tomb he was to have destroyed five months earlier, especially since she took pictures. When we last saw Rio, he was still a broken warrior, recovering not only from his horrific injuries but from the betrayal and death of his breedmate Eva. He's near death when Dylan finds him and she turns out to be the perfect match for him given her inquisitive nature. She's an interesting and appealing character and you cannot help but find Rio endearing. His recovery is a lovely story and the romance with Dylan is nicely portrayed. There's a new threat to the Order introduced in this installment and it has all the makings of being an exciting storyline. I enjoyed the story and was happy the emphasis was on Rio and Dylan. It was the right balance. This series continues to be interesting with strong storylines and characters. I'm on to the next book.