The Circle Trilogy: Morrigan's Cross; Dance of the Gods; Valley of Silence

The Circle trilogy (Circle trilogy #1-3) - Nora Roberts The circle of six moves to the next phase of their journey through the Dance of the Gods to Geall, home of Moira and Larkin and site of the next battle with Lillith, the queen of the vampires. As they prepare for the battle, Moira steps forward in preparation for her role as Queen, Blair and Larkin's relationship deepens and Hoyt and Glenna help prepare the citizens of the kingdom for war.There is an interesting mix of battle strategizing/preparation and relationship dynamics. Larkin and Blair seem perfect for each other given her seriousness and single-focused nature and his more light-hearted approach to living. Both are very appealing and she is very definitely a warrior.There is an exciting climax at the end of this story as they prepare for the final showdown in the last story of the trilogy. I had some concern that everything would be held for the final story but this one delivered. It was much more exciting and better paced than the first.