Breath of Scandal

Breath of Scandal (Audiocd) - Sandra Brown, Dick Hill This is not an easy story and it's disturbing on several fronts. Jade Sperry could have let this act of violence against her shut her down for the rest of her life. Even though vengeance kindled the fire within her to a large degree, it still didn't kill the essence of who she was and had been. The same can be said for Dillon Burke as well, in spite of his retreat from life for several years. The tragedies he endured could have undone him as well. To reveal more about the circumstances of these events would be unfair to those who haven't read this book. I listened to this story during a road trip and found it riveting. I'm not sure if my evaluation of the book would be different if I were reading it. There were times when it was too dark of a story but I was a captive audience in my car. Thank goodness for the bright ending that delivered the HEA I needed. The characters were vividly defined and came to life making this an extremely compelling story. Just be prepared for some ugliness that is hard to shake.