Lover Revealed (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 4)

Lover Revealed  - J.R. Ward I read many reviews that found this story to be just so-so but I'm a big fan of Butch O'Neal so this will be marked as one of my favorites. Learning his backstory was helpful in understanding why his transition to the world of the Brotherhood was so seamless for him and further endeared him to me.Butch's relationships with Marissa and Vischous were chronicled in this book. Male friendships always capture my attention and this one is special. His love for Marissa has always been inexplicably off the charts and I expected their road to each other to be a rocky one, which is an understatement in this story. If you like Butch, you'll love this story. Even if he's not one of your favorites in the series, it's still an interesting read because of the many major events that occur around him that impact the Brotherhood.