Lover Eternal (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 3)

Lover Eternal  - J.R. Ward Rhage, also known as Hollywood for his movie star good looks, has had nothing but superficial relationships...until he stumbles across Mary Luce following one of his recoveries from his beast transformation. He is attracted to her voice and is immediately captivated. Mary is still coming to terms with the possibility of her cancer returning and, while she finds Rhage to be amazing, she's reluctant to accept his feelings are genuine.It was so interesting to track the ups and downs of Rhage and Mary's developing relationship. The brothers got to see a different side of Rhage and gain insight about his past behavior. While they had admired his prowess with women, they had failed to understand the underlying reasons behind his actions. Mary may have been frustrating to most because of her repeated rejection of Rhage but I found her to be authentic given her history and the swiftness and depth of his emotions.This book also had several subplots alongside the main storyline of Rhage and Mary. We learned so much about Zsadist and Vischous, as well as how the Scribe Virgin operates. Bella and John's stories were just begun and we'll have to read the next book for the outcome.This is an action-packed book that delivered after the success of the first book. I'm even more intrigued by the Brotherhood and can't wait for the next story.