Long Gone: A Novel of Suspense

Long Gone: A Novel of Suspense - Alafair Burke Alice Humphrey has been out of work for almost a year. She's an art major with a fairly spotty employment record to begin with but is determined to make her way without help from her famous father. When she has a chance encounter with Drew Campbell, a self proclaimed entrepreneur, at a gallery showing, she's offered a job managing a new gallery for an anonymous client that will initially showcase one artist, Hans Schuler. Alice obviously hadn't heard of the adage about things being too good to be true.The artist has a controversial collection that sparks controversy immediately following the first showing. Alice is left alone to fend off the media until she finds Drew's body the next morning at the gallery. It becomes clear pretty soon that she's the main suspect and her dream job turns into a nightmare.This is an extremely interesting story that takes some time to unfold. There are several storylines that seem to have no connection but later begin to intersect. It's a good mystery, even though it is low on the suspense meter. The characters are layered and it isn't clear who can be trusted even to the end. Many are ethically challenged without any redeeming qualities but there are enough who are to keep you invested in the outcome. It's a well-written story that kept my mind challenged throughout.(NetGalley Review)