Moonlight Road (Virgin River)

Moonlight Road (Virgin River) - Robyn Carr Erin Foley returns to Virgin River for some long overdue R & fact, she hasn't taken a vacation in at least ten years. Erin first appeared in A Virgin River Christmas when she tried to retrieve her sister Marcie from Ian Buchanan's rustic cabin. Now that Ian and Marcie are married and living on their own and brother Drew has finished medical school, Erin can take some time for herself. The problem...she has no idea how to relax. She renovated Ian's cabin to have all the creature comforts but she's bored out of her mind and has three months of this "bliss" to look forward to. Aiden Riordan is separating from the Navy after more than ten years of service and has decided spend some time in Virgin River before he decides his next career move. He's an OB-GYN and hasn't even decided where he wants to live. He's roughing it in the woods, scruffy beard and all, hiking through the town's mountain trails. Aiden surprises Erin during one of his hikes when he suddenly appears at her deck, causing her to fall and have a concussion. He takes her to the hospital where she continues to assume he's a laborer and he does nothing to discourage her misconception. Aiden continues to visit her cabin, handling her gardening. He finds her intriguing...she is oddly attracted to him. It's not long before they begin a romance. What's charming about Erin and Aiden's relationship is that they are both at crossroads in their lives, and not just their careers. Aiden wants what his brother,Luke, has found with Shelby and Erin wants what her sister Marcie has with Ian. They recognize something's missing but didn't see each other as the solution. Aiden doesn't take Erin as seriously as she takes herself and she learns to just breathe because of his influence. Their romance evolves so naturally, with lots of humor and great banter. This story does include some tension as issues related to Aiden's first marriage surface. Other characters from the series make an appearance, which is part of the Virgin River charm. You cannot help liking this couple and pulling for their relationship. There is a scene involving a bear you don't want to miss, too. I loved the story, Aiden and Erin, and the continued spirit of community in Virgin River. This is a worthy installment of the series and I'm off to the next one.