Paradise Valley (Virgin River)

Paradise Valley - Robyn Carr There are three substantive stories in this installment of the series. Rick Sudder is wounded in Iraq and returns a bitter and sullen young man, shunning all who care about him. Dan Brady shows up after having turned himself in and served his time. Paul Haggerty gives him a job on his construction crew as Dan makes a connection with Cheryl Creighton, the former town drunk who has completed rehab and is living a sober life. Dr. Cameron Michaels ends up in Virgin River after having a really brief affair with Vanni's friend Abby with unexpected consequences.Each story is compelling, especially Rick's as we have the opportunity to experience his sense of loss and frustration after returning home disabled. There are several surprising turns and so many of the residents we've come to know appear in these stories. It's what makes the series special and this book delivers. While some of the outcomes are predictable, the spirit of the town and its community continue to be the draw for this series. I'm hopelessly stuck in this town and am on to the next book.