Judgment in Death

Judgment in Death - J.D. Robb What a perfect setup for an Eve Dallas case. Roarke and Eve are attending the opening performance of the play "Witness for the Prosecution," a production financed by Roarke. He is fascinated watching Eve see her first play and try to unravel the plot. When the lead female performer in the play stabs the lead male performer as per script, Eve realizes the play is suddenly off script and that's real blood. She's become a witness to the crime, along with Dr. Mira who was also in the audience. This is an interesting who dun nit given they know who killed the actor but Eve has to figure out who substituted the prop knife for the real thing. All of the suspects are playing a role and it's difficult to determine who's in character and who's for real. There is also a classic, memorable scene where Eve tries to do something romantic for Roarke for a change. That scene alone makes reading this story worthwhile...it is hilarious. This is another solid entry in the In Death series.