Memory in Death (In Death #22)

Memory in Death (In Death, #22) - J.D. Robb, Susan Ericksen Eve Dallas walks into her office and immediately is confronted with her past. There sits Trudy Lombard, one of her foster parents during her time in Dallas, a woman who'd best be described as "Mommie Dearest." Unprepared, Eve handles the situation poorly and has a physical reaction that levels her. When Roarke discovers what has happened, he smartly realizes it won't be long before Trudy will visit him for a shakedown. This book is worth the read if solely to read that scene!That's all I'll share about the story so you'll have the pleasure of following what happens next. This book is a treacherous path down Eve's memory lane and we gain lots of insight into her past in addition to an intriguing murder mystery she and Peabody are tasked to solve. It's interesting and the culprit isn't easy to identify but it's possible. This ranks as one of my favorites in the series both for the mystery/suspense and the peeling back of Eve's many layers.