Sugar Daddy

Sugar Daddy - Lisa Kleypas I really enjoyed this story. We have the opportunity to be a part of Liberty Jones' journey from her adolescence to becoming a young woman. Her story is told without drama and pity, allowing us to take in her experiences through her perspective. Liberty's disappointments and struggles do not put her in despair. She makes the best of her situations and immediately starts to develop solutions.You know early on that Liberty is going to be heading for heartache with Hardy Cates as he declares at the onset he has no intention of staying in the trailer park or the town of Welcome. The triangle formed with Gage Travis when he returns years later was inevitable but you always have the sense that Liberty is going to know what is right for her and her sister.This is an extremely well written story complete with humor, sadness and romance. I wasn't always certain in which direction it was headed but I liked being along for the ride and trusted that the story would continue to be honest and realistic. Liberty is a wonderful character.