Deal Breaker (Myron Bolitar Mysteries)

Deal Breaker  - Jonathan Marosz, Harlan Coben Myron Bolitar is new at being a sports agent but had the good fortune to sign the number one NFL quarterback draft choice, Christian Steele. Christian's been drafted by the Titans whose owner, Otto Burke, is playing underhanded during the contract negotiations. Nude pictures of Christian's missing girlfriend have surfaced and Otto is threatening to release them publicly unless Myron has his client agree to a pretty lousy deal. Christian's girlfriend, Kathy Culver, is also the sister of Myron's ex-girlfriend Jessica, who asks him to investigate. Kathy's been missing for two years now. Could it get any more convoluted?Myron is a potentially great character for this first book in the series. He has an interesting but mysterious background and lifestyle. His partner, Win, is a blue blood scary guy and his assistant, Esperanza, is a former wrestling star. His list of clients are equally colorful. The investigation takes many twists and turns with a few revelations along the way. The investigation moved at the right pace and kept you guessing at each turn. It wasn't easy to figure out the case but the clues were all there for the reader to deduce the ending. I figured it out near the end but still wasn't sure. I plan to continue the series but not on audiobooks unless the narrator changes. I listened to the book on a road trip and he almost lulled me to sleep. I'm rating the book 3.5 stars....It might have been higher if the narration was better. This is a definite read.