Bluebird Winter

Bluebird Winter - Linda Howard I only read Bluebird Winter, the final book in the Spencer-Nyle series by Linda Howard. This was Derek Taliferro's story, having finished college and medical school and practicing at a Dallas hospital. He's a neonatal specialist who, on his way home from visiting his mother for the Christmas holidays, comes upon Kathleen Fields stranded in her car during a blizzard and in the throes of premature labor. Derek delivers the baby at her home and, lovestruck with both Kathleen and the baby, takes them with him to Dallas. This was a sweet, improbable story but a nice wrap-up of the series with one of my most favorite characters at the forefront. I don't believe in love at first sight romances so the premise was off for me. With that said, it was a quick, easy read I enjoyed.(Note: My library only carried this story as part of an anthology called [b]Under the Mistletoe.)