Fourth Sunday: The Journey of a Book Club (Zane Presents)

Fourth Sunday: The Journey of a Book Club (Zane Presents) - B. W. Read Fourth Sunday is the name of a book club organized by a group of women who live in the Washington D. C. metropolitan area. All are successful, professional women who embrace life and are highly accomplished.The book club serves as the connection for seven of the women who are the focus of Fourth Sunday, which is when the club meets. The meetings are held at the homes of the members with the host being responsible for providing meals and other sustenance. The conversation is lively and intimate, stemming from the book topics. The history of each of the women is chronicled, including failed romances, career challenges and personal struggles. These women strengthen their relationships as a result of the club, developing lifelong bonds that help them to support each other as they continue to face life's challenges.This is an uplifting story of women who are dealing with the ordinary and extraordinary aspects of life. As each woman's story is explored, we have the opportunity to gain insight into character and how the choices made influence the course of her life and future mindset. We also are exposed to non-stereotypical lifestyles that are refreshing and stimulating. Fourth Sunday is a must read for women who are part of an ongoing, organized group, including but not limited to a book club. This story is about the beauty and possibility of relationship. The women are interesting and their ability to set goals and continue to move forward is inspiring. You will also find yourself in at least one of the characters....I know I did.