Killjoy: A Novel

Killjoy - Julie Garwood In this third book of the Buchanan-Renard series, we have John Paul Renard, Noah Clayborne and Monk returning from the earlier book, Mercy. John Paul has tracked Monk to Aspen, Colorado, a year after he wreaked havoc in Louisiana. Meanwhile, Avery Delaney is trying to find her aunt, Carrie Salvetti, who she was supposed to join at a spa in Aspen called Utopia. John Paul and Avery connect in the lobby of the facility as they both are on the hunt for the same people for different reasons. It doesn't take long before they realize they must work together.While this is an interesting story, I struggled with the main characters' inability to follow some of the most obvious clues to move them in the right direction. Avery, who is an analyst for the FBI, failed to mention salient points from her Aunt's messages to John Paul and he failed to ask the most simplest of questions of Avery at the onset. It seemed implausible that they would have been so obtuse.The pace of the story wasn't as crisp as the earlier books in the series but we do find equally interesting characters, good dialogue and an intriguing story. It just isn't on the same level as Mercy and John Paul and Avery deserved more romance. I recommend the book but don't expect the thrills and humor of Mercy.