Mercy - Julie Garwood Dr. Michelle Renard returns home to her hometown of Bowen, Louisiana to open a clinic for the small town. Weeks earlier, she had met Theo Buchanan, a US Attorney, in New Orleans when she performed an emergency appendectomy on him that saved his life. He decided to take some time off after his recuperation and took her father, Big Daddy Jake, up on his offer for some great fishing. Though not willing to admit it, he had more than fishing on his mind. His timing couldn't have been better since some pretty nasty people had an aim on the doctor. Garwood has crafted an excellent story of romance, suspense and out and out hilarity in this second installment of the Buchanan-Renard series. I was unprepared to laugh so much and that was a welcome surprise. Michelle and Theo make a great couple and the people of Bowen work hard to make their relationship a reality. While the antagonists of the story are revealed early on, this part of the storyline was still suspenseful and interesting, with some unexpected twists. I really liked this book and hated to reach the end. It's well written with great dialogue and perfect timing.