How to Misbehave - Ruthie Knox

Amber Clark has been a good girl all of her life. She made good grades in school, did all the right things...a parent's dream. But somehow, her life isn't working for her and Amber is feeling like she's missed out on some essentials, especially when it comes to sex and romance. For weeks she's secretly checked out Tony Mazzara, the building contractor working on the community center where she works and one evening they find themselves alone in the dark basement, riding out a tornado. They both unleash something in each other in that short time. Neither knows where it will go or how it will end.


I really enjoyed Amber and Tony's story. She's not quite the good girl and he's not the town bad boy he once was made out to be. The dialogue between the two while they were trapped in the basement was fun and daring. Both had early impressions of each other based on what they saw on the outside and the time in the basement exposed the reality of who they really were. Later, Tony's attention to "detail" was a real bonus to the romance and his back story gave him more depth.


This was a good prequel to the series as it quickly provided the background for the families in the stories to come. I loved how their being trapped in the dark laid them bare to have completely uninhibited discussions. It's what made their later romance and this story work.