Wild About This Series

Midnight Lies: The Wildefire Series - Ella Grace
The set up
The story begins five months earlier, around the same time as the beginning of the first book. Samantha Wilde is an Atlanta Police Department homicide detective involved with Quinn Braddock, an emergency room doctor. They have quite the physical relationship but haven't really invested the time and effort to really get to know each other. Both are reluctant to go explore their pasts as revisiting it is painful and shameful. When Quinn comes under suspicion for murder, it derails their relationship and she returns to Midnight. 

The issues
Samantha and Quinn have a smoldering and steamy physical relationship but he resists commitment because of his disastrous first marriage. Both shouldered responsibility for what happened to them in Atlanta and try hard to push through their tendency to withhold. She's all about commitment and is trying to overcome having doubted him when he was facing murder charges. They have many rocky moments but they kept finding a way to communicate with each other to work through it so the story wasn't overburdened with a lot of misunderstandings. 

What I really liked
There was much more balance of romance and suspense in this story, with romance continuing to have the edge. When Samantha returns home to work with her sisters, I was able to better distinguish between the triplets as their personalities are distinctive. When they discussed the bright moments of their past it better defined them individually, adding layers that made them interesting in their own right. 

The murder mystery was pretty interesting, even though I'd figured out a major aspect of it early on. However, the tension from not knowing when and how the murderer would present himself kept me edgy and turning the pages. The climax was exciting and disturbing. You won't be able to stop reading until you reach the end. 

What didn't work so well
Absolutely nothing.

The bottom line
I loved this story with its messy romance and gruesome murder/mystery element. As much as Quinn would frustrate me he was so honorable and passionate when it came to Samantha you couldn't help but hang in there with him until he got it right. The overlay of the small-town nosiness and gossip added a humorous tone so things weren't always so serious. And, there was just enough story devoted to the third sister, Sabrina, to whet my appetite for the next book. I'm finding it hard to be patient to wait for its release...and when will that be Ms. Grace???

(I received an ARC from NetGalley)