Love in the Afternoon (Hathaways, Book 5)

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Love in the Afternoon - Lisa Kleypas

Beatrix Hathaway was the last in her family to not have found a suitable partner. She was considered the unconventional member of the family with her special relationship with animals and fascination with life forms. Beatrix had reconciled to the idea that she was going to be the spinster in the family until she began corresponding with Captain Christopher Phelan on behalf of her friend Prudence. One letter turned into an ongoing communication with the soldier, who was fighting the war in Crimea on behalf of England. When their feelings began to deepen for each other, Beatrix ended her letter writing, feeling guilty for her deception.


Captain Phelan returned from war a changed man and soon realized that the letters he received could not have been written by the shallow Prudence and sets out to determine who the identity of the woman he's fallen in love with based on her words.


This is a lovely romance tempered by the ravages of war and the toll taken on the men who have fought on behalf of their country. Beatrix and Christopher attempt to carve out a relationship in the midst of his suffering from post traumatic stress disorder and his struggle to accept the label of hero. There was also a lot of humor in this story, especially those scenes involving Leo and the brothers-in-law. We had the opportunity, in this last story of the Hathaways, to revisit old friends as Beatrix found her true love.


A wonderfully told story with a great ending.