Raine, Raine and more Raine!

Making the First Move  - Reese Ryan
The set up
Melanie Gordon finally gets the promotion she's worked so hard for and it comes with a few hitches. She's going to have to move back to Cleveland, her hometown, and make a decision about whether she's up for a long distance relationship. Her "best friend" Raine Mason finally makes a move (after two years!) and now Melanie is gun shy about starting up and maintaining a romance with 2,000 miles between them. Oh, and she's returning to the city where her heart was broken by her first and only love. 

The issues
Both Raine and Melanie haven't been completely honest with each other about their pasts and he's keeping some huge secrets. She's designed her entire life to achieve the goals and ideals her deceased father wanted for her and every decision she makes is under the lens of what he would want her to do. Melanie hasn't stayed in communication with her family and now she's going to have to face all those insecurities that only mothers can evoke and a sister who seems to be the ideal wife and mother. She's not ready to let them know about Raine as she's still on the fence as to whether it can work or not. 

What worked well
Raine, Raine and more Raine! He's gorgeous, considerate, and works hard to prove to Melanie their relationship deserves a chance. There were times I wanted to throttle her as this guy was a dream but she was afraid he was too good to be true (well, maybe she was a little bit right). Her ex-love, Jaxson, becomes part of the story in a very authentic way and Melanie's reactions create a lot of tension. The family dynamics and job pressures made the situation even more complex but in an intriguing way. There are no caricatures here as each person was well developed and behaved true to nature, even when you wanted them to be different. 

What was a teeny bit irritating
Melanie constantly drew lines in the sand and they kept moving. She seemed really judgmental and I came close to not liking her...until I learned why later and completely forgave her. 

The bottom line
I loved this story, the romance, the family, the heartache...well I just loved this very well written book. I have a book boyfriend list that will forever include Raine. Everything works in this story and it had me experience just about every emotion I can think of. I hated seeing it end but then I found out there's another book coming soon!! Trust me, I'm a sure thing. Rated 4.5 stars

(I received an ARC from the publisher)