Rawley's the true hero!

The Hero - Robyn Carr
The set up
Devon McAllister and her three-year old daughter, Mercy, escape from a religious compound where she's lived the last five years, four of which reluctantly. Rawley Goode happens upon them as they're walking on Highway 101, gives them a ride and ends up taking them in. Devon decides to stay in Thunder Point and start her new life in the town where she's already begun to make friends. Widower Spencer Lawson is one of those friends who wants their relationship to be a little more than that. The question is whether either of them are ready for this given everything they've been through recently. 

What worked
The first half of this story was what I've come to expect from the series, a focus on multiple characters' storylines threading together in some way. Cooper and Sarah face her pending career decision, Lou McCain makes a decision about her relationship with Mac and his now blended family, Scott Grant opens his family practice and Ashley and Eric continue developing their newfound connection. All this while Devon and Spencer slowly find their way to each other. I was completely absorbed into the story, as if I were a resident of Thunder Point and following up on the lives of my friends. There was also the tension of knowing the day of reckoning would come when Devon would have to deal with the consequences of the life she fled and it's exciting when it happens. 

What slowed me down
It's when Devon and Spencer began to deepen their relationship that the story started to become more ordinary. It still was interesting and I was invested in the outcomes of the characters but the romance was missing that zing to have me root for them. I knew something was lacking when they hit a major bump, Spencer got stupid and I was pulling for Devon to walk away. I wish I could pinpoint the issue but Spencer wasn't doing it for me...maybe he was just a tad selfish when it came to Devon. 

The bottom line 
I still enjoyed this story, even though it didn't hold my attention as intensely as the first two books, or even the first half. No matter, the characters are still well developed and there are enough loose ends to keep me coming back to Thunder Point. The real hero of this story, however, wasn't Spencer...it was Rawley Goode and it was more than worth it to discover the added dimensions of this man. This is probably closer to 3.5 stars but good enough to round up to 4. 

(I received an ARC from NetGalley)