Quite the rescue

Rescue Me (Last Chance Rescue Trilogy, Book 1) - Christy Reece

I've had this series on my shelf for over two years. Now that I've started it, I could kick myself for having waited so long!!

The set up
Following an ill-fated encounter with Jordan Montgomery and a subsequent vicious attack, Eden St. Claire has completely reinvented herself seven years later. She's now a skilled operative for Last Chance Rescue (LCR), a covert organization specializing in rescuing victims when all other avenues are exhausted. Eden is nothing like the woman from her past but when she finds herself assigned to a case working with Jordan, she's put to her toughest test. You see, Jordan doesn't recognize her and he's been trying to find her all these years. 

The issues
Eden and Jordan are undercover to infiltrate and take down a family of human traffickers. She's falling for Jordan all over again but is reluctant to tell him who she really is. Her boss and mentor orchestrated this assignment to force her to face her past and move on. Now she's afraid of losing Jordan because of her deception. 

What I loved about this story
Eden. She had a tough beginning, including a horrible event that almost ended her life, but managed to transform herself into one of the most formidable mercenary operatives for LCR. Eden is smart, beautiful and highly skilled, relying on her wits and physical toughness to outsmart her targets. Even when she starts falling for Jordan again, she doesn't miss a beat in keeping her priorities level. Their romance is exciting, despite being overshadowed by Eden's secrecy. The case is suspenseful, blended perfectly with the romantic aspects. I also loved that the series is based in Paris, adding an international flair that's refreshing. 

What was a challenge
At the crux of the story were the many miscommunications between Eden and Jordan that sourced so many of their conflicts. There was just one too many occasions and it was annoying. And, his reactions almost threw him into anti-hero status but he redeemed himself (barely) by the end. 

The bottom line
This was a fantastic series start with a host of enigmatic characters, exciting plots and tension-filled operations. I must admit I've already finished the next book and it was even better. If you like this genre, you'll love this story and series.