Disturbing and provocative

The Judas Child - Carol O'Connell

Two 10-year old girls disappear one afternoon from a small, upstate New York village town. The investigation resurrects the lives of those involved in a similar case from 15-years ago and involves local, state and federal law enforcement departments and agencies. 

This is an extraordinary story with vividly drawn characters and venues. Heroes aren't always completely virtuous and morally challenged individuals can't be tossed aside. It's a tough subject matter that can be disturbing at times. I found the tension surrounding the children, whether they were still alive or not, to be almost unbearable at times. There were astonishing twists at the end of the story that I'm still thinking about. 

I consider this to be a provocative and well written story. It's a standalone with characters you'd like to see again. Just be prepared to be uncomfortable if you find it difficult to deal with the possibility of cruel things happening to children.