I Got Rowdy

Getting Rowdy - Lori Foster

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This book couldn't be more aptly named as it's all about getting rowdy (as in acting up) and getting Rowdy, the main character.


In the two earlier books in this series, Rowdy emerged as this murky person, not really certain on what side of the law he was actually operating. Now that his beloved sister, Pepper, is married to a police detective, getting this aspect of Rowdy became more important.


Enter Avery Mullins, the former waitress who saved his butt at the shady bar where she worked before Rowdy bought it. He promoted her to head bartender and now wants her...really bad. He's a notorious one night stand kind of guy and she's wanting none of that, even though she's kind of crazy about him. When her past reaches forward into the present and puts her at risk, it's a game changer in their relationship.


Rowdy isn't a character you're going to fall for from the start. Though he's not a traditional "player" as he's a woman magnet who doesn't turn many away and he's typically not the aggressor. But he sleeps with a LOT of women and is very clear there's zero chance of relationship or second encounters. No way was he going to win me over. Well, famous last words.


The more the story evolved, the more I GOT Rowdy. As he and Avery become closer, she's able to reach beneath his exterior and uncover who he really is, what's really important to him and why he's alone. Their relationship slowly developed as both got to know each other and those lustful feelings deepened into something more precious.


I ended up being crazy about Rowdy and no one is more surprised about that than me. This is a really good story, the best of the series to date as both characters were wonderfully developed, each having a nobility that worked well together. Very nicely done for a guy I was intrigued about but not really impressed with initially. Oh, and there's a guy named Cannon who was introduced here that I want to know LOTS more about.


(I received an ARC from NetGalley)