Mathias Rowan teaser

Marked by Midnight - Lara Adrian

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Mathias Rowan, former director of the Breed Enforcement Agency in Boston, now heads the Order's London station. His team is investigating a series of murders of gang members all bearing the same scarab tattoo. They are searching for information about the latest victim whose injuries seem different from the others. The trail leads Mathias to a tattoo parlor where Nova, an extraordinary artist, appears to have something to hide.


I was glad to see Mathias again after having helped the Order before they moved to Washington DC. The story, though, is pretty short for the romance but the investigation is interesting. Not everything is resolved as Nova's history wasn't completely revealed and that promises to be part of a much bigger story in the future.


Nova's got some really interesting ink and Mathias certainly was drawn to it. It's worth it to just find out what she inked on him (it was fitting for this warrior). While their romance went from 0 to 60 in the blink of an eye, there still seems to be room for more with these two later on.


Short and sweet. Stay tuned.