Friends to lovers with a twist

The Homecoming - Robyn Carr

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Quick summary
Seth Sileski was once a high school football phenom in Thunder Point, actually excelling in college and playing with the Seattle Seahawks before a tragic accident sidelined him. Now he's back home as the new deputy sheriff in charge, hoping to repair his fractured relationships with his father and his once best friend, Iris McKinley.


Story conflict
Seth and Iris were best friends and neighbors since they were 4-years old until a heartbreaking incident involving their senior prom. It's been 17 years but Iris still hasn't let go of her resentment. (You just know there's more to this.) She's a high school counselor who's dealing with what looks to be a student suffering in some abusive relationship.


What I liked
Both Seth and Iris are extremely well developed characters, which is one of Carr's strengths in most of her stories, and even their broken relationship was nicely portrayed. Their journey back to friendship and eventually lovers hooked me because their individual transformations were so interesting. The secondary story of the student abuse provided insight about the challenges faced by school officials in how to identify and cope with the issue. And, of course, the updates about the other relationships are always a treat, another Carr staple.


The bottom line
The romance is the highlight here and is underwhelmed by the secondary storylines. Seth and Iris are pretty appealing and I enjoyed their banter. While the story about the abused teenager was well done, the ending resolution felt a bit rushed and I'm still a bit uncertain about one of the outcomes. Otherwise, I really enjoyed this story and return to Thunder Point.


(I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review)